"Building stronger communities one project at a time."

Mission Statement:

"To grow a Canadian company designed to provide professional consulting services in economic and social development, to the public, public institutions and the business community by being a link between developers and communities with the goal of inclusion and realizing community potential."


Photograph of Burnt Wood Cove

BurnaCove Consulting is an Atlantic Canadian Company established in 2012. Its principal partner, William H. Flowers (Bill), has nearly forty years of experience working in both public and non public sectors.  The company's goal is to place itself in a strong position in Canada as well as the international community, to help facilitate arrangements between Aboriginal communities and resource companies that result in enhanced relationships and economic development. A special focus relates to the engagement of Aboriginal communities and organizations in areas of business planning and market studies. Advisory services may also be offered in areas of governance related to the social sectors of health and education and in capacity development.

The company is also available to offer dispute resolution services to community organizations, as well as business and government.